Busy few days

The visits with friends and family has continued and we are having so much fun.  On Sunday, Stella had her birthday party.  Helen and Ron had the party in their home and with the help of Julie and Justin, created a beautiful gingerbread house making tea party.  It was a wonderful party and Ella had so much fun.  Most of the kids there were from Stella and Juliet’s school and we were interested to see how Ella would do with so many “new” kids around, paying attention to Stella.  Ella did a great job and only really got upset once when one of Stella’s friends told her that she wasn’t Cinderella.  She recovered pretty quickly.

120.jpg216.jpgThe girls loving each other before the party.

315.jpg412.jpgCreating a beautiful gingerbread house.

513.jpg Moving on to the tea party upstairs.

612.jpgThe girls with some fancy “champagne”.

79.jpg I think mommy was doing a magic show during this picture.

Later on in the evening, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Heather came over.  They are in town from LA for the weekend.  They brought Ella a Toy Story Wii game.  It’s just like the ride we went on in Disneyland.  We all had a lot of fun playing it.

87.jpg Jesse vs. Ella.  Heather was clearly entertained.

95.jpgElla, mommy and papa watching some game play.

103.jpgPlaying in 3-D!

1110.jpgElla vs. mommy.  Looks like Jesse wants to jump in there.

Today, Ella, grandma, papa and I did a little shopping and then had lunch.  Later on tonight, we had Monday night movie night.  We watched A Bug’s Life for the 100th time.

133.jpgPapa, Ella and grandma walking to the Patagonia store.

142.jpgElla singing grandma a funny song.

152.jpgIt was pretty cold out today!

162.jpg Movie night!  Enjoying popcorn and brownies.

Here is the funny video of charades from the other night…

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  1. grandma says:

    How wonderful it is to be here with you. The “Charades” game is too much! Love you. Mom

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