The Nutcracker

Ella woke up really excited this morning.  She couldn’t wait to go see the Nutcracker.  Before breakfast, Ella got her outfit all ready for the show (which was not until 2:00).  Ella loved the Nutcracker and was so excited when she recognized songs and mesmerized by the costumes and dancing.  Tonight, Sunny and I went out and Ella hung out with grandma and papa.  Before we left, Ella and grandma started playing this really cool game of charades.  Mommy and I joined in for a few minutes and I have some of it on video.  I’ll make a movie tomorrow.

119.jpg Beautiful Ella taking it all in.

215.jpg In the store picking out a nutcracker.

314.jpg The three of us!

512.jpg Papa, Ella and grandma after the show.

611.jpg Ella and grandma watching mommy do something in charades.

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  1. merilee says:

    We are having a blast. Love you. Mom

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