Ella’s new walkie talkie

Well not really…today Ella and I went over to Borders to return some books that Ella received for Chanukah.  Whenever Ella makes any returns at Borders we let her take her money and get whatever she wants.  Today she picked out a Dora crystal making science kit, a funny light up ball and this bullhorn thing that she has been calling a walkie talkie.  She loves it.  There is a little video at the end showing how much Ella loves her new toy and how much she loves us.  Tonight we had dinner at Acme with our friends who live in the building.  It’s one of the last nights at the Acme Chop house.  Maybe we’ll go there with my parents on the very last night, the 26th.  We have made a lot of beautiful memories at Acme.  That was the last meal we ate the night before Ella was born.  It was also the first restaurant that Ella went to at like 7 days old.  So many more wonderful memories, fun New Years Eves, I hope the next place is just as great for us.Ella’s welts/dots/hives, whatever are not getting better.  I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow morning.  Hopefully its nothing.  She has been so amazing at not scratching and not complaining.  After the doctor, we are going shoe shopping.  Her feet are getting bigger and she is very sensitive about how her socks feel in her shoes.115.jpg Ella and her mini bullhorn.212.jpg311.jpg4 more nights at the Acme Chophouse.

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  1. merilee says:

    Ella loves you! What a surprise. You two are great parents. And I love you too. Mom

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