Waking up with red dots all over her legs

It seems as if this illness is never ending.  Ella woke up this morning, after sleeping super late which was a beautiful thing and said, “Mama, my legs are itchy”.  I went over to her and looked at her legs and they had red spots all over them.  They looked like bug bites or hives.  Poor baby – I wish this would all end for her.  She was very cool about it – I had her put on some soft tights so that she wouldn’t scratch herself and she was totally cooperative.  I called the doctor and they said that sometimes once a virus is leaving the body, they get these hives for up to 10 days.  We gave Ella benedryl and it seemed to stop her itching but the hives didn’t go away.  She was sleepy during the day, but had a lot of fun with Gilana who came over to visit.  Julie and Gilana came over this afternoon.  Gilana is about 10 months old and is the cutest baby.  Ella was quiet and gentle and really sweet with her.  Here are some pictures of them.

114.jpg211.jpgWhat a sweet friend.

310.jpg Gilana pulling herself up on Ella.  Julie remembers Ella being this young and beautiful.

49.jpg How cute is this kid?!

68.jpgGetting ready for bed.  Ella agreed to wear pajamas so that her legs didn’t get itchy.  I hope her hives are doing a little better in the morning.  This kid is an amazing trooper.  What a love.

2 Responses to “Waking up with red dots all over her legs”

  1. merilee says:

    Poor baby. Is there anything we can bring to help relieve the itching? More pajamas? (Ella looks gorgeous in those red ones.) Can’t wait to see you. Love you. Mom

  2. Julie says:

    Oy! I love the pictures of Ella and Gilana. So, so cute. Thanks for a great visit! Loved seeing you both.

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