Another princess tea

Today, Debby, Toby and Rachel took Ella (and Sunny and me) to a late Chanukah tea.  We went to a really sweet place right by Golden Gate Park and Ella, of course was dressed as Cinderella.  We all had a great time.  Ella had a blast with Rachel who is in town from college for winter break.

On Friday night, we stayed home.  We were supposed to have movie night with Stella and Juliet but they had to go somewhere.  They have been watching Annie lately and we were going to watch it on Friday night so we went and got it for Ella.  At first, Ella wasn’t too sure about watching it.  I went into the living room and started watching it and Sunny and Ella were doing something else.  Then Sunny came into the room and soon Ella was standing in the doorway with a look of amazement on her face.  Her eyes lit up as she heard Annie sing “Maybe”.  Ella looked at us and said, “she has a beautiful voice”.  Ella watched the rest of the movie and has been talking about it all weekend.  We downloaded the music and Ella has been trying to learn Annie’s parts in all the songs.  She is so into the music…it’s beautiful to watch her learn.

113.jpg Mommy and Ella walking down the hall on the way to the tea.

210.jpgA princess in the elevator.

39.jpg Stirring lots of sugar in her tea.

48.jpg Playing around with Debby from across the table.

58.jpg This is a very loved child.

67.jpg Happiness.

76.jpg More fun with Rachel.

85.jpg The princess and her new purse.

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  1. merilee says:

    Fabulous! Such a big girl and such happiness and love. Love you. Mom

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