Grandma and Papa are in town!

It’s been a while for me.  Grandma and papa arrived on Monday after visiting Jesse and Heather in LA.  Ella was so excited when they picked her up from school with me.  Mommy had some major dental surgery on Monday so she was at home recovering.  She is doing really well now…only took about 2 days to begin the healing process.  Grandma and papa went to Ella’s ballet class.  That made Ella really happy too.  On Tuesday, I went to work and Ella went to school and then grandma and papa came with me to pick her up.  We all went to Bi-Rite to get some ice cream for ourselves and to pick some salted caramel ice cream up for mommy.  On Wednesday, it was grandparents and special friends day at Ella’s school and Ella was thrilled to have grandma and papa at school, in her classroom, and watching a great outdoor assembly.  On Thanksgiving day, we woke up, had breakfast and then went back upstairs to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Ella loved it – there were so many characters that she recognized.  On Thursday night Sunny and I went to see Precious – heavy movie but a topic that we are both so used to with the work that we do.  Today we went to Pier 39 to the aquarium, had a great crab lunch and then went to a little shop where Ella picked out an oyster and this woman opened it up and found a pearl inside.  Ella was concentrating so hard on watching what was going on and was kind of in shock when she saw the pearl come out of the oyster.  We have had a great visit with my parents and can’t wait for them to come back Christmas time.  We have one more full day of fun tomorrow and then they leave on the red eye.  We love you guys!

110.jpg Grandma reading to Ella before ballet class.

27.jpg Leaving school on Tuesday.

37.jpg Walking to Bi-Rite with grandma and papa.  Love the dress AJ!

45.jpg Papa and Ella having some ice cream together.

55.jpg Touching the trees.

64.jpgElla and some of the sweet kids from her class reading books before school starts.

74.jpg Grandma and papa in Ella’s classroom.

84.jpg On Wednesday night, Sunny and Ella did a little scooter ride around the ballpark.  The trees are beautifully lit and the night was magical.

93.jpg Ella and Juliet hanging out together.

104.jpg Mommy and Ella.

113.jpg All you need is love, love…love is all you need.

123.jpg Grandma cautiously watching Ella climb the red thing.

133.jpg143.jpgPlaying with papa on the merry go round thing.

153.jpg Heading up the stairs to the aquarium.

161.jpgElla in the octopus tank.

171.jpg181.jpg191.jpg20.jpgHere are Ella, mommy and grandma at the “petting” part of the aquarium, waiting for the rays to come out of the water to pet them.  It’s really exciting and a happy experience.

211.jpg Ella petting a red-eared slider.

221.jpg Ella picking out an oyster.

231.jpgHere we are watching the lady trying to find the pearl.

241.jpg Here is Ella’s pearl…it’s beautiful and she loves it.

Here is a short video of Ella on Wednesday night riding her scooter outside of the ballpark where they just put up magical lights and then of Ella picking out an oyster and finding the pearl.

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  1. merilee says:

    We had such a wonderful time with you girls. We love you and can’t wait to see you again soon. Love you. Mom

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