Princess bowling and Happy 15th birthday Bug!

Stella and Juliet were away during Ella’s birthday and Ella really wanted to celebrate with them.  Ella wanted to go bowling and wear princess dresses so we did…

19.jpg Welcome to my bowling party…

26.jpg36.jpg44.jpgThe beautiful princesses hanging out at the bowling alley.

54.jpg Ella did a great job – it only took about 4 minutes for the ball to make it to the pins.  Good thing the bumpers were up.  Check out Ron’s form right next to Ella.

63.jpgOur happy girl.

73.jpg I look like I was signaling to hit a home run.

83.jpgLooks like Ella is getting a little tired.  It’s tough for a 34 pound kid to roll a 6 pound ball down the alley!

92.jpgSunny and KJ watching Helen bowl.


112.jpgNext stop is lunch at Mo’s.

122.jpg Watching the ice skaters.  Ella wants to do this next.

132.jpg Ming Ming cupcake time.

142.jpg152.jpgBeautiful Bug turned 15 today!  It’s so hard to believe that we’ve been together for almost 15 years.  She is virtually deaf and blind and yet she is so sweet and loving and wonderful.  Love you Bug!

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  1. Merilee says:

    I want to bowl with you next time… with the bumpers up. Love you. Mom

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