Ella the shark

When we were at the dentist in May, they did x-rays of the front of Ella’s mouth to see if and how her adult teeth were developing…if they were in place etc.  The dentist gave us a copy of the x-ray and we left it at the office.  When we were there last week, they gave us another copy.  I scanned it and it’s really cool.

34.jpgThe first shot is the top teeth and the second shot are her bottom teeth.  Can you believe that she is living with two sets of teeth right now?  What a trip.

Ella did a great job today in ballet.  Alicia was out today so Ella’s hairstyle wasn’t as fancy as a regular Alicia Monday but she looked really cute.  I will make the movie tomorrow.  Here are 2 pictures from today.

15.jpg Ella right before going into ballet class.  The band-aids are from her 4 year shots.  She won’t let us take the band-aids off because she thinks it is going to hurt.  She’s right.

24.jpg Ella talking to the birds in the Zen garden.

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  1. merilee says:

    I need to know if the bird was singing “Too to too to too to too”! Love you. Thanks for the video chat last night; we needed it. Love you. Mom

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