Ella’s birthday

Today was really Ella’s birthday – we have been celebrating since Saturday and we have a lot more celebrating to go.  Ella had school today since it’s a private school and Sunny and I were off from work.  We spent the day cleaning the house while Ella was having a blast in school with her teachers and classmates.  At 1:45, Sunny and I went into Ella’s classroom, brought cupcakes and showed a slide show of our trip to Disney.  The kids seemed to like watching the video.  Ella’s classmates sang Happy Birthday to Ella in 3 languages…Spanish, English and Chinese.  I caught it all on tape and that will be at the end of this entry.  After school Ella had swimming and Sunny went and got some great footage…maybe I’ll make a movie tomorrow night.  After swimming we met a bunch of our friends at Los Jarritos.  It was a lot of fun.  Ella is one loved child who loves right back!  What a beautiful day for beautiful Ella.

41.jpg Brickelle, Brooklyn and Ella hanging out after school.

13.jpg22.jpg32.jpg51.jpgFun and love at Los Jarritos.

Now for the super cute singing

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  1. nikkiB says:

    Beautiful birthday. Beautiful birthday girl! Beautiful multicultural singing. Wish I could have been there to celebrate. Kisses to you guys and Ella.
    xoxo Nikki B

  2. merilee says:

    How adorable is that video! Keep the celebration going; we’ll be there in 1 1/2 weeks to party on. Can’t wait. Love you. Mom

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