LA trip continued

12happybdaypin.jpgAfter the happy birthday phone call from Goofy, they gave Ella this happy birthday pin.

13nemoride.jpg This is the submarine for the Nemo ride.

14downthehatch.jpg Ella going down the hatch.

15nemo.jpg16nemo.jpgEveryone loved this ride.  Ella was mesmerized.

17dumbo.jpg18dumbo.jpgThe Dumbo ride!  We stayed up high during the entire ride.

19pinn.jpg20pinn.jpgThe Pinocchio ride was a little scary for Ella but she felt brave and safe sitting next to uncle Jesse.

21peterpan.jpg22peterpan.jpgThe Peter Pan ride.  This is such a beautiful ride.

23jasmine.jpg24ariel.jpg25ariel.jpg27belle.jpg28belle.jpgThis princess part was a magical part for Ella and such a breath taking part for all of us.  Ella transformed when she saw the princesses.  It was as if she walked into another world.  The first princess is Jasmine and I think that Ella was in shock.  When she saw Ariel, she was so excited.  Ariel loved her peacock necklace and Ella hung onto Ariel’s words.  Ariel told Ella that if she saw Scuttle (a seagull from The Little Mermaid) to tell him that Ariel is waiting for him.  Ella was obsessed with finding Scuttle the rest of the day and night.  By the time she got to Belle, Ella was beyond happy.  She told Belle that she knew that Belle taught the Beast how to love.  Belle looked at Ella and said, “I can tell that I don’t have to teach you how to love…you already know”.  Ella loved that.  The only thing that would have made her day was if Cinderella was there.

29up.jpg30upparade.jpgWe took a little break for hot chocolate and coffee and we saw a little parade that had the characters from the movie “Up”.  Ella loved watching it from mommy’s shoulders.

31bugslife.jpg Ella and aunt Heather on “a Bug’s Life” ride.

32bumpercars.jpg Ella riding in her very first bumper car.

33tired.jpg34havingfun.jpgGetting a little tire but still having a blast.

35buzz.jpg36buzz.jpg37buzz.jpg38buzz.jpgThis was the Buzz Lightyear 3D arcade game.  We all had on our 3D glasses.  This was a lot of fun and Ella who was a little scared right before the right turned to me during the ride and said, “You’re right mama, this ride is fun!”

39cupcake.jpg A happy birthday cupcake.

40doggies.jpg42doggies.jpgJesse and Heather’s doggies Bob, Inca and Snake.

What a fantastic weekend…now on with the celebrations!

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  1. merilee says:

    Fantastic blog. I almost feel as if I were there with you all. What a birthday. Ella will treasure it always. Love you. Mom

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