Weekend in LA

It’s been a whole week since the last entry. Well…be ready for lots of pictures. Sunny, Ella and I went to Los Angeles to visit Jesse and Heather and Robbie, Aaron and Izze. Robbie is my first cousin, Aaron is her husband and Izze is their beautiful almost 3 year old daughter. We stayed with Robbie and Ella and Izze had a really nice time bonding. Izze was terrific and shared her toys and bath and a whole bunch of stuff with Ella. Ella was really sweet with Izze but I’m afraid she shared her cold with her. The morning that we were leaving to go on the trip, Ella woke up with a cold. By the time we left, Izze had a cold and so did Jesse and so do I. Besides her cold, Ella was a trooper.

The first evening, we hung out and relaxed, had some dinner and went to sleep. The next day we woke up nice and early and Jesse picked us up, and the 4 of us went to Disney. Heather was on a business trip coming home that night, so she couldn’t join us. It was a great day and night. We started the day going to the Nemo Submarine ride. Ella was really focused and I think she really loved the ride. After Nemo, we had some lunch. After lunch, we went on the Haunted Mansion ride. Ella really doesn’t like dark places and it was pretty dark in the beginning of the ride. She was crying and saying, “Go outside, go outside”. Jesse held her and talked her down. She did a pretty good job on the ride. After that, Jesse and I went on the Indiana Jones ride while Sunny got Ella to take a nap. After that, Sunny and I went on a ride called Soarin’ Over California while Jesse stayed with Ella. After the ride, Ella woke up. We went over to A Bug’s Life section and we all went on a caterpillar train. After the train ride, Sunny and Ella went on the beautiful carousel with the white horses. Of course Ella loved it. After that, Ella and I went on the Dumbo ride. I think Ella was getting a little scared while we were on line for Dumbo so I told her that it was an elephant carousel and she was happy. She loved Dumbo. We saw a part of the parade and Ella was mesmerized. After the parade, we called it a night at Disney. We went back to Jesse and Heather’s and had dinner with Heather who just came back from her business trip.

On Saturday, we went back to Jesse and Heather’s house to see their place in the daytime. We had a sweet afternoon and then met up with Robbie, Aaron and Izze at this sweet place called the Grove. They had a little pumpkin patch there and lots of fun stores. They also have a trolley that takes you around the Grove and we all took a train ride. We all had dinner together which was great. It was so nice to hang out with everyone. At the end of the dinner, Ella and Izze had an ice cream sundae party. It was a great trip and we are looking forward to going back. We can’t wait to do Disney with Helen, Ron, Stella and Juliet.

Ella was so happy to see Uncle Jesse. She was all smiles!

The first night we arrived – laying in bed with beautiful cousin Izze

Sleepy cousins holding hands

Here we are on the tram on the way into Disney

Jesse and Ella waiting on line for the Haunted Mansion

Mommy and Ella on line

Ella hanging out on line all by herself

The cool caterpillar train

Ella on mommy’s shoulders in front of the carousel.

Ella and mommy on the carousel – look at the beautiful white horses

This is the actual Dumbo that Ella and I went on

Taking a break to have a chocolate covered banana

Ella on her Mickey Mouse phone

Ella seeing Heather for the first time in 3 months. Ella was so happy to see her

Catching up. The doggie is Jack, Heather and Jesse’s newest family member

Beautiful Ella!

Ella and Izze playing around

Aaron, Robbie, Jesse and Heather at the Grove

Ella and Izze playing around in the pumpkin patch

Beautiful mother and daughter

The 3 of us having a loving moment in the pumpkin patch

Jesse, Heather and Ella – Uncle Jesse looks pretty happy huh?

What a beautiful family

Here are the girls having an ice cream party

What a big girl! Here’s Ella at the airport coming back to SF. She’s carrying her Mickey Mouse phone and dragging the suitcase that Izze bought her.

On the way home, we bumped into Luis – one of Ella’s favorite My Gym teachers. What a great surprise.

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  1. Mom says:

    What beautiful pictures. I especially love the one of Ella with her phone and rollerboard. Signs of times to come. Love you. Mom

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