Pride parade and Los Jarritos

On Sunday we marched in the Pride Parade with Becca and the Animal Care & Control people.  We had a great day and Ella marched for most of the parade.  When she wasn’t marching, she was on Mommy’s shoulders.  Ella was fantastic and loved watching the crowds as we marched by.  Sunny painted her face to look like a cat and she loved it.  At night, we met Helen, Ron and the girls at Los Jarritos for a see ya next month dinner.  It was a really fun night.

14.jpg24.jpg34.jpg44.jpgMommy is getting to be a really talented face painter.

54.jpg63.jpgWe bumped into Brickelle and her mom and dad and brother on the way to meeting Becca.  Ella was really happy and surprised.

72.jpg Becca brought her dogs Tucker and Digby to the parade.

82.jpg The three of us getting ready to make the turn onto Market street.

91.jpg Three of Becca’s staff members did an incredible job looking cute in the extreme heat!

101.jpg Riding on the train with the doggies on the way home.

112.jpg122.jpg132.jpgMeeting up with Stella and Juliet in front of Los Jarritos.

141.jpg At the jukebox with Juliet.

15.jpg In our lobby with Juliet.  They look like such big girls.

16.jpg 3 buddies making shrinky dinks.

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  1. merilee says:

    The parade looked like great fun. Mommy IS a great face painter! See you this afternoon. Can’t wait. Love you. Mom

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