Golden Gate Park

This morning, we went to Golden Gate Park and met Stella, Juliet and the rest of the family there. Ella is getting so confident in climbing – she really doesn’t want our help. She also told us that she wanted to go down the slide all by herself. There is one slide in Golden Gate Park that none of our kids are ready to go down alone. This is a huge concrete slide that people go down by sitting on cardboard boxes. Sunny and Ella went down the slide. I could barely do it by myself. Ella has finally started napping in her crib. She has spent the past 23 months taking naps in her Bugaboo, so the crib thing is huge. She’s probably much more comfortable in the crib. Here are some pictures from today.

This was taken when Stella arrived at the park. They give each other the best hugs!

Here are mommy and Ella going down the big concrete slide. Sunny was having a blast!

Ella going through the tunnel – notice mommy in the background taking a picture

The look of determination

Climbing into the tunnel. Look at Ella’s confidence!

“I want to slide by myself”

The kiss face and the fish face on the carousel (of course – what’s a morning in the park without a carousel ride!)

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