The past few days

Ella finished her first week of camp.  She’s been having a lot of fun.  On Friday afternoon, we both picked Ella up from school and went over to Delia’s house for a baby shower.  When we were at the ballgame with Delia and Erik the other night, Delia and Ella discussed Ella coming over and helping her feed her tarantula some crickets.  Well…Ella did exactly that on Friday afternoon.  Jamie – if you are reading this, don’t look at the video at the end of this entry…this warning goes for anyone who is afraid of spiders.  Ella didn’t touch the tarantulas or anything, but I have to say, Sunny and I were doing everything we could to not put our fear on Ella.  I was really squirming on the inside – even looking at the crickets, but Ella was a true champion.  She really loved it.  On Friday night, Stella and Juliet came over for movie night while Helen and Ron had dinner and ran some errands.  Ella had a blast with her buddies.  I haven’t gotten today’s pictures together, but Sunny, Ella and I went to the SFMOMA.  Ella loved the outdoor garden.  It’s been a really fun weekend.

1goingtoschool.jpg Ella on her way to camp the other day.

2puzzle.jpg Ella busy doing a puzzle.

4ellamelissa.jpg This is Ellen’s neice Melissa.  We had a sweet dinner with them the other night.

5bubbles.jpg Blowing bubbles at camp.

6cookies.jpg7waiting.jpgWhen we went to pick up Ella the other day, we were able to spend some time in the classroom.  The kids made cookies after lunch and they were hot out of the oven when we got there.  They were delicious.

8handsonhead.jpg Put your hands on your head if you’re ready for a cookie.

9mommy.jpgMommy wants to go to camp too.

10crickets.jpg11ellacrickets.jpgElla getting in there all ready to touch the crickets.

12ella.jpg13juliet.jpg14stella.jpgBest buddies.

Here is the movie of Ella putting crickets in the tarantula tanks and “watering” the tarantulas.

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  1. merilee says:

    Wow! Ella shows pure curiosity and excitement over the tarantula and crickets; I love it! Camp looks like fun; the pictures of the cookies reminded me to tell you that I HAD chocolate chip Toll House cookies in the freezer with plans to bake them with Ella. Thank goodness we baked the No Pudge Brownies instead; Ella ate a lot of the raw dough. Love you. Mom

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