A Herd of Elephants

There was a knock on the door tonight at around 5:50. I was upstairs doing some work and Ella was in the living room “reading books”, and Sunny was downstairs working. Sunny opened the door and let out the happiest shriek! All of a sudden we heard, “Ella – come downstairs!” Ella went downstairs and her two buddies were waiting at the bottom of the stairs with a big surprise. Check out the pictures…elephantdancing.jpgA herd of dancing elephants! Helen got the girls the same costume as Ella! (Notice in the right hand corner that Towby has an orange crayon in his mouth. Beagle caught on film!)elephantsfallingdown.jpgThey all fall downelephanthug.jpgElephant huggieelephantkiss.jpgElephant kisshappyelephant.jpgLook at Ella’s happy eyeselephantsplaying.jpgCan you identify the children under those elephants?focused.jpgCheck out the focussinging.jpgHere is Ella at Stella and Juliet’s house about 10 minutes after the photo shoot at our house. She once again did not want to take her costume off. Luckily, Stella got very hot in her costume (Juliet ditched hers right after she left our house) and she took it off and Ella followed her lead. Stella is a great role model.

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  1. Eilis Egan says:

    I work with Granddad Steven, and oh boy! is he a proud granddad! His whole face lights up if I ask how the baby is. Talk about grinning ear to ear! I’m not a mum, but would love to be a grandmum! I have told so many people about this web site, it really is impressive, and so good. Must take a lot of time, but so worth it.
    Thank you for much pleasure. Love it when I have a chance to work with your father’
    Eilis Egan

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