One last birthday celebration

Tonight we had dinner with Becca and Ellen to celebrate Ellen’s 50th birthday (actually today) and my birthday.  We went to Houston’s and we had a really sweet dinner.  Ella was stuck on Becca for most of the night and even whispered to Sunny at one point that she wanted Becca to take her to the bathroom.  This has not happened before.  Lucky Becca – good thing Ella didn’t poop.

abuddies.jpg Becca and Ella fooling around and having the best time together.

abeccaella.jpg Best buddies – Ella looks like such a big girl.  Pretty soon they’ll be going out for Cosmos together.

agumchewer.jpg Our crazy little gum chewer.

aellaellen.jpg Ella and Ellen at the end of the night.  Ella really had a lot of fun.

ahiding.jpg One last shot of the night in the hallway.

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  1. merilee says:

    Ella looks incredibly happy. She loves your friends because they obviously love her.
    But forget the cosmo; stickk to Shirley Temples. Love you. Mom

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