We’re back!!!!!

We came back yesterday on a very early flight and we just tried to stay up all day. Ella did really well. She took a nap at a relatively normal time. We went out to dinner and then we crashed. Today, we did business as usual. Sunny got up early and went to the gym, then we all went to a birthday party of one of Ella’s friends from My Gym. The party was a lot of fun. Ella did a great job. After the party, Ella took a nap and then she did some painting. We all played around the house and then Stella and Juliet came home from LA. The girls had a sweet reunion. Ella fell asleep at around 9:00 so hopefully she is back on her regular schedule. We’ll see if she sleeps through the night.

Ella and the birthday girl Isabelle.

Our little Picasso.

Is she a lefty?

Playing around in the tunnel

The Three Musketeers are back together again

Mommy is very entertaining!

Ring around the rosie…

So this is what they mean by parallel play

Here’s Ella in a rain outfit that the Tuckers gave us during our baby shower. It finally fits her and it is soooo cute!

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