Dancing with a Valentines Day card

Tonight, we opened the door to take the dogs out and there was a card with 3 chocolate hearts at the door.  It was a Valentine’s Day card from Stella and Juliet for Ella.  Thank you so much for the beautiful card you guys!  Ella loved it.  You will see in a moment on the video that she loved it so much that she danced with it!

biggirl.jpg This picture is from the other day after school.  I just can’t believe  how big Ella looks here!

toomuch.jpg On the way out to breakfast this morning.  She’s too cute.

pushingg.jpg Ella is getting so tall – she can push the G button on the elevator.

Now for a very sweet video…

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  1. merilee says:

    Ella looks great in red; and she really is growing — taller and into a big girl. I love the conversation I had with her on the phone Saturday. Sorry our Valentine card didn’t arrive on time. Love you. Mom

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