Cracking up

This morning when we dropped Ella off, she was out of sorts.  We have been harassing her about going to the bathroom and I think she’s pretty sick of it.  The problem is, she either waits until the last minute or she has an accident.  Today Alicia told Sunny and I that we are stressing Ella out and that we shouldn’t mention the potty for a week.  She also told us not to stress out about Ella being kicked out of school – she was doing just fine and that she wasn’t in jeopardy. We didn’t mention anything about going to the bathroom to Ella all afternoon and all evening and she went on her own – no accidents and virtually no stress.  Alicia is a smart woman.

Today after school, Ella was playing around on the outdoor structure with a classmate of hers named Kaliko.  Kaliko really cracks Ella up.  Here are some pictures of a beautiful exchange between Ella and Kalkio.  Ella was under the structure, and Kaliko was hanging his head upside down and talking to Ella.

hallway6.jpg Here’s the beauty running down the hallway this morning.

12.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpgHaving a blast.

wall1.jpg Ella loves getting her picture taken against this wall.

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  1. merilee says:

    Ella looks like such a big girl. And happy and beautiful. Allicia is a smart woman. Love you and miss you. We’re off to Minneapolis this afternoon; return on Sunday evening. We’ll talk to you. Love you. Mom

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