Is it warm outside?

This is the first thing that Ella says to me when I wake her up in the morning…”Is it warm outside?”  If it’s warm, Ella can wear a sundress.  If it’s not warm, we need to figure something out.  Today it wasn’t warm at all.  Ella did a great job helping me pick out pants and a shirt.  I can’t wait for her to wear jeans again.  The snaps/buttons are too difficult right now for bathroom purposes.  It seemed like Ella had a great day.  She didn’t have any accidents so that’s a great thing.

hallway4.jpg Ella wanted to bring all her pens to school and put them in her cubby.

walkinginwithmommy.jpg Walking on the school yard with mommy.

playdough1.jpgplaydough2.jpgHere I am getting attacked by Rowan with some play dough.  Ella got a kick out of it.

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  1. merilee says:

    How wonderful to be able to reason with Ella regarding clothing. You all deserve gold stars. And what a great pony-tail; looks like your hair, Laur. Next comes a braid. Love you. Mom

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