Quite a busy day

This weather has been incredible.  Each day is more and more beautiful.  It’s supposed to get a little cooler, but we have been so fortunate to have such a beautiful fall so far.  Early this afternoon, the 3 of us took a walk and had lunch at the Java House.  After the Java House, we went to the little park behind the ballpark.  Ella jumped off high walls, climbed the red structure up and down all by herself and just seemed like such a big kid in a little kid’s playground.  After that, we came home and Ella got ready for a Halloween party at Borders.  Getting ready meant having mommy painting beautiful fire on Ella’s face so that Ella could be a fire breathing dragon.  Ella put on her dragon costume (or postume as Ella says) and off to Borders we went.  Borders had some activities for the kids, some trick or treating, a Halloween story, a game of duck duck goose, a Halloween parade and then a costume contest.  Ella had so much fun, Stella and Juliet were there, and so were Hannah and Max from upstairs.  We could really see a difference in how Ella participated in the games and socialized with other kids.  Preschool is a great thing for Ella.  Ella won the costume contest along with a big kid who was a skeleton.  Ella really loved meeting him.  She was kind of mezmerized by him.  After Borders, we went to Stella and Juliet’s house and played for a long time.  Finally, we ended our night at the Fog City Diner with Helen, Ron, Stella and Juliet, where Ella ate 2 bowls of buttery noodles and some of my spaghetti.  Wow – what a day.

bicycleoutside.jpg Mommy and Ella on the way to the Java House.

jumpingsandbox.jpg Looks like Ella is about to dive into the sandbox.

redthing.jpg There was a time, not so long ago, that Ella could not reach up to this red thing.

jump4.jpg I think this is my best picture of the week.

climb.jpg About to climb.

roar.jpg Right after mommy painted the fire on Ella’s face.

dragonwings.jpg Dragon wings.

wholedragon.jpg Here is the whole costume – dragon feet and all.

goingtoborders.jpg On the way to Borders.  Mommy was in the Halloween spirit too!

helensandj.jpg Stella, Helen and Juliet listening to a Halloween story.

thegang.jpg The whole gang listening to the Halloween story.

duckgoose.jpg Waiting to see if she is going to be called “goose” during an intense game of “duck duck goose”.

3headeddragon.jpg Playing with the 3 headed dragon puppet.

meetingskeleton.jpg Meeting a big boy skeleton. This kid was so sweet to Ella.

halloweenparade.jpg Ella hitting some sticks together during the Halloween parade.

skeletonhug.jpg A skeleton hug.

bestcostume.jpg Best costume winner!

2winners.jpg The 2 costume winners representing the youngest and the oldest kids.

3ofus.JPG The 3 of us. Thank you Ron for taking this picture!

ballerinas.jpg Back at the Kim/Arena household, here are Stella and Ella doing a little ballet.

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  1. merilee says:

    Wow! What wonderful pictures. That leap you caught at the playground is fabulous; you should submit it to a photo contest. I love Ella as a dragon; Sunny painted her face to perfection. Looks like you’re all having a wonderful time. Wish we were with you. Love you. Mom

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