Playing in the park all day

Today, we went to a birthday party of a child who just turned one. The parents were really smart and had the party at a really sweet playground so that the older kids played hard and the little ones were held and played with and everyone had a great time. Ella played for about 3 hours straight. We came home and Ella was pretty wiped out. We tried to keep her awake until bedtime but she passed out at around 5:30. She woke up at about 7:00 and ate like an animal. We had a fun family day.


Ella came downstairs this morning in her pajama tops and underwear. She said that she wanted to put on a robe because she was a little cold. Here is Ella in her “Champ” robe that KK brought Ella from Las Vegas. She’s too cute.

Actually playing in the sandbox!

Ella was on this platform thing with a little boy and they were taking turns “flying the plane”.

On the merry go round with her buddy Ava.

Here is Ella trying out something new. Mommy is helping her climb the ropes.

Ella taking a pretend nap on this spider web structure.

Going down the curly slide all by herself.

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  1. merilee says:

    How adorable! I love her in the robe; and love that she has admitted to being cold and knows how to take care of herself. Maybe we can do a video chat later today. Love you.

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