Ella is changing

You’ll notice in the pictures that Ella hasn’t been insisting on wearing sun dresses every second of every day. She has been pretty cool about wearing long sleeved shirts and really loves leggings which she calls tights. We took Ella swimming tonight. It had been a month or so since she was in the pool and she got freaked out about walking on her tippy toes. We asked her why she was crying and she said, “I’m scared, I’m afraid to walk on my tippy toes.” We asked her why she was afraid and she said, “Because I might sink.” We told her that we would be with her and that we wouldn’t let her sink. We got her to jump into the pool (she loves jumping so much) and after she had the confidence from jumping in, she gradually started to tippy toe. By the end, she said that she was happy that she went on her tippy toes and that she was brave. It’s incredible to watch her, be with her and listen to her thought process.

Say cheese!

Going down the slide at My Gym.

Walking to the car like an old lady after My Gym.

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  1. merilee says:

    Happy to see Ella is willing to wear long sleeve shirts. She really is growing and getting to be a big girl. I hope she still lets me hold her and snuggle her. Love you. Mom

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