Another beautiful day

Today was another gorgeous day and we spent the whole day outside. Emily is staying at Helen and Ron’s this weekend so we met up with Emily and also met Becca and Tucker. We walked to the ferry building, had lunch, and had a little rendezvous with Phyllis, Alice and some other friends. We ended the long walk in the park where Ella climbed the red rope thing all by herself and jumped off different heights of the wall.

Here’s part of the gang walking down the street. Ella walked almost all the way to the Ferry building.

The sunglass sisters walking along the water.

Climbing up the red rope thing.

Our little jumper. Ella did have a few cuts and bruises on her knees after her jumping session, but that’s part of being a kid!

On the merry go round with Becca and Tucker.

“Look at me, I’m on top of the world!”

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  1. merilee says:

    I wish I were there with you.

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