September 2015 – First Day Of 4th Grade, Strike Out Violence Day and more fun!

 September was a fantastic month!  Ella started the 4th grade.  This will be her last year on the 16th Street campus and then onto Middle School!  Ella has a teacher who is new to CDS – her name is Skye.  So far, Ella is loving the 4th grade.  Strike Out Violence Day was a great day as usually.  The 3 of us were together on the field and it was a sweet ceremony.  Ella had a wonderful visit with her friend Sakura who now lives in Japan and came to my back to school night.

1-17.jpg1-18.jpg1-19.jpgFirst day of fourth grade!1-15.jpg1-16.jpgFrolicking in the grass.

1-5.jpg1-6.jpg1-7.jpg1-8.jpgStrike Out Violence Day!1-4.jpgHere is Ella playing the bass in my classroom.  Eventually I will put together a video that shows Ella playing the drums and shredding on the electric guitar.

1-1.jpgThis is what was on Ella’s table for us on back to school night.  Who knew that she was looking forward to drinking coffee this much!

1-2.jpg1-3.jpgHere are some more beautiful examples of Ella’s heart.

1-20.jpgMust have been a very sunny day.

1-12.jpgElla leading the red belts in some kicks.

1-10.jpg1-11.jpgViting with Sakura.  Ella’s Halloween costume arrived and she couldn’t wait to try it on.1-9.jpgElla got her face painted after doing a breast cancer walk.

1-14.jpg1-13.jpgThe picture before was of Ella waiting for the blood moon and here are Ella and Colette on the yard.  Ella manages to get in hugs with Colette and Alicia whenever she can.

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