Marriage equality, Pride and of course, Disneyland!

Last week was pure happiness for all of us.  The three of us were on the steps of City Hall when the city celebrated marriage equality in all 50 states!  It was a beautiful morning and there is a lot to celebrate.  We marched in the pride parade with the independent schools, which meant that we got to march with the Kim/Arenas.  It was so much fun and Isaac was the hit of our section of the parade.  He would walk, face the crowd, say “Hi” and then like 50 people would respond back “Hi” to him.  He loved it!  On Tuesday evening, we flew to LA, had a really sweet evening with Jesse and Heather (although there was a big black out and we went to sleep with no power) and then spent about 14 hours in Disneyland the next day seeing all of the Diamond 60th Anniversary additions.  It was so much fun and we were totally knocked out the next day!  Thank you Jesse and Heather for a wonderful 36 hours in LA!

1.jpg Here we are on the steps of City Hall.  Looks like we may tie the knot!

2.jpg Decorating the wagon with rainbow streamers.

3.jpg4.jpgGetting ready to march.  It took a while!

5.jpg Our sister Helen!

6.jpg Pride parade gang signs “PEACE”

7.jpg8.jpg Walking through the crowd sprinkling rainbow confetti which the kids were calling Unicorn Barf!

9.jpg After the parade waiting for a table at Dim Sum.

10.jpg Waiting for the train to take us home!  What a fun day!

11.jpg12.jpg Now in LA, it looks like the Minions have taken over the Cinema Theatre!  Ella took these pics and was thrilled to see these guys larger than life.

131.jpg14.jpg Ella just LOVES Jesse and Heather!

15.jpgTram selfie!

16.jpg Pure happiness and joy.

17.jpg First ride of the day.  Mommy and Ella are rocking it on Cars.

18.jpg Jesse got to ride the Matterhorn twice!

21.jpg Waiting on line for Peter Pan.

22.jpg Love this ride so much!  That’s a Go Pro on my head.  I will edit video at a later time.

23.jpg24.jpg25.jpg On line for Space Mountain.

26.jpg Space Mountain Sshot.  Ella was supposed to be pretend sleeping but she was too excited!

27.jpg Starting to get dark out.  We look pretty good going on our 11th hour!

28.jpg Saw an incredible fireworks show and parade.  Here is one of Ella’s favorites from the parade.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Wow! Can’t beat the Gay Pride Parade and Disneyland in one week! And with some of your favorite people. Wish we were with you! Love you. Mom

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