Serious catching up

Instead of excuses as to why I have been so slow with blog entries, I will just simply post stuff!  Ella has been loving life as usual.  2015 has brought futsal into our lives and Pineapple back into our life.  Ella continues to love school and life is beautiful.

1.jpg Beautiful Ella growing up right before our eyes!

1a.jpg1b.jpg Some beautiful shots that didn’t make it into the last blog.

2.jpg3.jpg Futsal – indoor soccer!  Ella’s team, the “Shadowbolts” are undefeated.  Futsal has been great for Ella and hopefully she’ll be able to take her new skills and use them on the soccer field in the spring!

5.jpg Ella is love!

6.jpg7.jpg Ella and Pineapple!  Becca got Pineapple back and Ella is so happy.

9.jpg Practice before futsal.

10.jpg11.jpg Ella and Stella had a special after school/evening together.  We picked up Stella from school, took her to Imagiknit for a late birthday present and then Ella and Stella had their own table at Amicis.  Incredible to watch the kids grow up together.

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  1. Grandma says:

    What a treat! I often open your blog to once more enjoy beautiful Ella’s warmth and sweetness, and what a lovely surprise to see new pictures on this cold, snowy morning in NJ! Love you. Mom

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