Throughout the month of December…

I am going to start at the beginning of the month…it all started at a very fun holiday party for the Giants Community Fund.  Check it out…

1.jpg 2.jpgIn the very same batting cages that the Giants take batting practice in.


Sunny and Ella making the calls from the dugout – put in Bumgarner!

4.jpg Family love from the dugout.

6.jpg7.jpgHaving some fun with the trophies!

8.jpg Ella hanging out in one of the Giants’ lockers.

14.jpg15.jpgSome shots from after Annie. 

9.jpg Ella with Colette after Annie.

10.jpg11.jpg12.jpg As Ella is getting older, she’s starting to have her own style.  She’s been into wearing her non prescription glasses lately.

13.jpg Ella made this super cool gingerbread house at Stella’s 10th birthday party.

16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg19.jpg21.jpg22.jpg23.jpg Up to night 5 with Chanukah.  Ella lit a match by herself for the first time.  She also shared the menorah lighting responsibilities with her best buddies.  

24.jpgThese guys were having a pretty intense game of dreidel.

25.jpg26.jpg27.jpg28.jpg29.jpg30.jpg31.jpg32.jpg Ella got her red belt last week.  She now has to begin her training for the next step – a black belt!  She’ll probably stay at this level for about 3 years.  The belt looks perfect!

33.jpg On our way to the airport to pick up Grandma and Papa!


Sixth night of Chanukah.  We are all so happy that Grandma and Papa are here! 

36.jpgOn an adventure to Patagonia.

37.jpg38.jpg39.jpg40.jpg A little trip to the beach across the street from Ghirardelli Square.

41.jpg42.jpgLast night of Chanukah.  Guess I missed a shot on night 7!  It has been a very sweet Chanukah.

45.jpg44.jpg43.jpg Grandma, papa and Ella’s annual trip to the Nutcracker.

46.jpg47.jpgMommy and I went on a date to see Kinky Boots.

48.jpg A walk in the hood.

49.jpg Family shot in front of the MLK fountain after seeing Annie on Christmas.  We had a great day starting with Dim Sum and ending with a walk home from the movies.

50.jpg51.jpg We even braved the Exploratorium the day after Christmas.

So far, we’ve had a wonderful time with Grandma and Papa.  We are headed to Napa tomorrow, Monterey on Monday and then some more SF fun throughout the week.  We love you guys.  Thank you so much for being here with us.


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  1. Grandma says:

    We’re loving every minute we’re with you. Love you. Mom

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