Octopus, cockatoo, script reading and knitting!

Here are some pictures from Ella’s adventures over the past 2 weeks.  On Columbus Day, we went to the Aquarium with Hannah and one of her friends, and they went bungee jumping afterwards.  Last Saturday, we took Ella and her friend Emilia to a fund raiser for ACC.  The girls spent some amazing time with Pineapple.  Ella’s soccer team, the Black Widows are undefeated.  They one five games and have tied two.  Ella is one of the goalies and usually plays 1/2 game.  She said that she doesn’t like being goalie because of the pressure, but she is terrific and we are encouraging her to stick with it.

11.jpg21.jpg31.jpg41.jpg Fun at the aquarium!

51.jpg61.jpg Ella did front and back flips.

71.jpg8.jpg Pineapple and Ella have a great relationship.

9.jpg Ella highlighting her Mary Poppins script during breakfast the other day.  Ella got the role of Mary Poppins.

10.jpg Ella and some of her knitting buddies made it into the CDS online newsletter.

111.jpg12.jpg The kids goofing around tonight after dinner.  Friday night movie night is the best!

2 Responses to “Octopus, cockatoo, script reading and knitting!”

  1. AJ says:

    I can’t believe I commented before MOM!! Wow.
    Ella looks so happy :) And PLEASE record her performing Mary Poppins. How exciting.
    I love you.

  2. Grandma says:

    Ella suddenly looks like such a big girl! I love that she’s highlighting her script. Ella really focuses on her goals. Is Pineapple still scheduled to be her partner for Halloween? Love you. Mom

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