Sunday – Giant’s last exhibition game

Well…starting today, it all counts. It was a good thing that it didn’t count yesterday because the Giants did not win. Helen got luxury suite tickets from her work and took us all to the game yesterday. It was a lot of fun even thought the Giants lost. After the game, the girls ran the bases. A mean usher told Sunny that she couldn’t take any pictures of Ella running the bases, but Sunny did anyway. That’s why the video at the end of the blog is of Ella’s back. Sunny had to sneak! Today is the first game of the season and I hope we get off to a good start.

This was taken before the game while Ella was watching a Dora episode where they were secret agents. She asked us to get her sunglasses so she could be a secret agent too!

Ella giving a fake smile and hugging her Yo Gabba Gabba pals


Does anyone want some cotton candy?

Looks like Ella dug into the blue while Stella prefers purple

Ella and Juliet sharing a tender moment in the luxury suite

A movie of Ella rounding third and heading home…

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