Another tooth lost, awesome taekwondo moves, ice skating oh my!

I guess I shouldn’t keep saying that I will keep up with this blog – I’m trying.  Things have been great – Ella is loving life and throwing herself into everything in front of her.  She has become an amazing pogo sticker – her record is 500 something.  I’ll have to catch her on video.  She does it one handed, hops all around – she loves her pogo stick.  Sunny and I want to get an adult pogo stick – looks like great exercise.  Here are some shots from the past week.

1a.jpgBeautiful Ella with her missing tooth.  Ella woke up with her tooth missing – she swallowed it in her sleep when her friend Marlowe was sleeping over.   Marlowe swallowed one of her teeth over the summer so Ella knew it was ok to swallow a tooth.

1aa.jpg Ella and Marlowe watching the Powerpuff Girls the morning after a sleep over.

1ab.jpgElla, Hannah and Naomi kicked Sunny and My butt during a wild game of pictionary junior.

113.jpg212.jpg2a.jpgWe had a blast ice skating the other day.  Ella helped out Sunny on the ice and she was skating like a champ within 5 minutes.

311.jpgElla and Isabel went on the carousel after ice skating.

43.jpgElla and her buddy Hannah creating a poster for MLK Day at Ella’s school.

53.jpg63.jpg73.jpg Ella’s beautiful sign.  Joint effort with Ella and mommy.

83.jpg A group of sweet kids on the MLK march.

This video is of Ella sparring on Saturday.  She got to spar with one of the instructors.  She was doing such a great job.  She’s really getting into it!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great sparring! And beautiful MLK posters. Wish I were ice skating with you. Miss you. Love you. Mom

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