So much fun – so much love – so many long waits for trains, cable cars, trolleys!

We’ve all had a wonderful time together.  Happy New Year.  Grandma and papa are leaving in the early afternoon.  We can’t believe how fast this week flew by!  We love you and will miss you.  Can’t wait for February.  Here are some pictures of the past few days.

1.jpg Ella and AJ having a jam session.

2.jpg3.jpg Ella and Milo were treated to some rather large cookies and peanuts outside of AT&T park.

4.jpg Waiting on a long line for a cable car ride.

5.jpg6.jpg The most special love in the world.

7.jpgThe Leoanharts on the cable car.

8.jpg Science experiments with grandma.

9.jpg Panda and Ella having a sleepover party.

10.jpgLove the look of Milo weraring Ella’s Giants hat.

11.jpg12.jpg13.jpg Scootering cousins.

14.jpg Ella trying to bring Milo down the slide.  Mission not accpmplished, but at least she tried.

151.jpg Beautiful ELla.

16.jpg171.jpg18.jpg Kids playing some baseball in the little stadium.

19.jpg Ella’s cool slide.

20.jpg Get those children across the street!

21.jpg Ella at the aquarium.

22.jpgWaiting on line for the bungee.  Oh – how much excitement there is!

23.jpg24.jpg25.jpg26.jpg27.jpg28.jpg29.jpg The kids did an amazing job bungee jumping.  Ella must have flipped at least 18 times and Milo just smiled and jumped and loved it.

30.jpg31.jpg32.jpg Heading down to the restaurant to bring in the new year.  Too bad the picture of me, Sunny and Ella isn’t so great.

33.jpg34.jpg Big kids at the table.

35.jpg Fun with grandma.

36.jpg Running innocense.

37.jpg Happy Nw Year with love from the Schwartz/Obstbaum/Leonhart families.

38.jpg Sweet dreams angel.

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  1. Grandma says:

    We had a fantastic time with you all. Happy New Year everyone. Gorgeous pictures, Lauren. Love you. Mom

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