Happy birthday papa, more Chanukah, Ella’s first musical theatre performance and Ella’s second published book!

There is a lot to say/show in this entry!  First of all…Happy Birthday Papa/Dad.  We love you very much.  There is a short video message from Ella at the end of this entry.  Hope you have a great day and we can’t wait to see you.  We had a very busy Chanukah weekend.  After Becca’s party on Saturday night, we went to Julie and Gilana’s party on Sunday afternoon and then we went over to the Levinson’s house for another celebration on Sunday night.  We all had so much fun at all the parties.  Ella is a little hustler when it comes to playing dreidel.  Ella published her second book at school – it was another small moment story and this time it was about going on the Radiator Springs ride at Disney.  She’s doing a great job at her story writing and her illustrations have become very detailed and really cool.  Tonight, Ella had her performance of Aladdin.  It was terrific!  Stella and Juliet came with us and they were such wonderful supportive friends.  I am posting the video on this entry.  It’s 14 minutes long, but I have to say, it’s really cute.  Ella sang a few lines by herself and of course Sunny and I cried.  Ella was sweet and poised and so wonderful to watch.

112.jpg26.jpg Ella was a hustler during the dreidel game.  Check out all her gelt.

32.jpg Lighting the menorah at party #1.

42.jpg Lighting the menorah at party #2.

52.jpg Hanging out with the guys.

62.jpg Night 3!

73.jpg Stella and Juliet having fun before the performance.  Ella was cracking up watching them.

82.jpg One happy child.

92.jpg Ella was being a refrigerator in one of the drama exercises.

102.jpg Ella and Jaspre – one of her musical theatre friends.

113.jpg122.jpg Ella and her teachers Sofia and Michelle.

132.jpg After the show with Stella and Juliet.

142.jpg It was my birthday!  I was in Disneyland and the new cars ride was opened.  I was racing.

152.jpg Then we went to Luigi.  He said “you have to get your tires changed before you race”.  He said this thing lifts us up.  I felt happy.

161.jpgFinally the car started to go faster and faster and I won the race.  I thought to myself this is fun.

3 Responses to “Happy birthday papa, more Chanukah, Ella’s first musical theatre performance and Ella’s second published book!”

  1. Grandma says:

    Couldn’t be more adorable! They’ve come a long way since rehearsal! Love you. Mom

  2. Grandma says:

    And I love the book. Fabulous detailed illustrations! Love you again. Mom

  3. AJ says:

    Precious! Ella is just adorable. What a great job. Some very effusive performances in the cast… :)
    And her books are awesome!

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