What a beautiful Thanksgiving

Today was a wonderful day in so many ways – we had beautiful company, beautiful weather, great food, a fun movie, and a game of monopoly jr!  We started out our day with a bike ride for mommy and Ella and a walk for grandma, papa, panda and me.  Ella was flying on her new bike.  After a lot of fresh air, we headed to Pier 39 for our traditional Thanksgiving lunch at the Crab House.  After the Crab House, Ella went bungee jumping.  Ella flipped backwards by herself for the first time!  She was amazing.  She must have flipped like 15 times.  After all the activity, we went downtown to the Metreon and saw Wreckit Ralph.  Ella cracked up in some parts.  It was pretty good.  Our Thanksgiving dinner consisted of spanakopita, grilled cheese sandwiches, bok choy and two amazing Asian Pears.  We had a heated game of Monopoly Jr. and then we called it a night.  Once again, it’s so wonderful having you here grandma and papa.

113.jpg Mommy and Ella driving down to the library.

28.jpgPapa with his fur grandson.

36.jpg Grandma was jogging along for a while.  Great stamina!

45.jpg54.jpg So beautiful watching you guys ride together.  Can’t wait to get my Chanukah present (hint, hint).

64.jpgBeautiful family shot.

74.jpg84.jpg93.jpg Family shots at the Crab House.  AJ taught me that pose.  Maybe I overdid it a little.

102.jpgWaiting on line to jump!

123.jpg133.jpg142.jpg Check out Ella the flipping fiend!

152.jpg Some more love for grandma and papa.

161.jpg It’s Monopoly Jr. time.  I was the banker.  Grandma’s glasses are at it again.

171.jpg Grandma and her fur grandson.

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  1. Grandma says:

    We love being here with you. Thank you thank you thank you. Love you. Mom

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