Action shots

Ella had a great day. We went to the carousel, took walks, played, read books and all that other fun stuff. When we came home, Ella was in a great mood and full of energy. She told us that she wanted to paint in the rock garden. We took her outside with some water and paint brushes and away she went. She was painting and then running, and painting and running. She ran from wall to wall, all around the garden. She was laughing and yelling and had a blast. Here are the pictures.painting.jpgHere is Ella the wall painterfocus1.jpgLook at this beautiful little painterdragon.jpgAnd here is the masterpiece – A dragon!run1.jpgAnd she’s off…run2.jpgGo Ella go!run3.jpgShe’s on a missiongoodnight.jpgAfter the bath – polar bear pj’s – ready for bed!

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  1. merilee says:

    What a water graffiti artist! Good that you’re documenting them for posterity. Some day these pictures will be valuable. Can’t wait to see you all. We arrive on Thursday on our usual flight: Jet Blue 647 arriving 10:10 PM. We’ll have sandwiches from home on the plane. Love you. Mom

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