A great birthday for me!

This morning I woke up to beautiful Sunny, beautiful flowers, beautiful cards, beautiful Ella, beautiful Panda and a really cool present.  Throughout the day I got beautiful calls, texts and messages of happy birthday and love.  Thanks to everyone for making this day a really special day.  We all had work/school today and then met up at Benihana with the Kim/Arena clan and Becca and Ru.  What a fantastic dinner.  For dessert, Helen made me my favorite banana pudding.  I can’t wait to eat it for the next few days.  It is delicious!

24.jpg34.jpg54.jpg64.jpg74.jpg This week is “Spirit Week” at Ella’s school.  So far, Monday was pajama day and Tuesday was formal day.  Ella is thoroughly enjoying herself.

Today, Ella made me 2 cards at school.  One card was from Ella by herself, and the other card, Ella had her whole class sign it.  It was so cute and sweet and loving of Ella to do that.

132.jpg 142.jpgThis is the incredible card that Ella had her class sign.

151.jpg161.jpg Here is the other beautiful card.  Notice the otter (my power animal) on the front and the bird of paradise (my favorite flower) in the middle of the flowers.

45.jpg One of Ella’s classmates brought in a book about the Titanic.  Here’s Ella’s version…The TITANIAC!

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great cards! So much love. Gorgeous pictures of pajama and formal days. Glad you had a lovely birthday. Love you. Mom

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