This weekend…

I started writing this Sunday night and got super tired so I am continuing tonight (Monday).   First of all, happy mother’s day mom.  I love you so much.  You are the greatest mom.  Sunny and I woke up this morning and Ella was standing in our room.  She made a card for us out of a swimming certificate that she got last year.  She wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day mommy and mama.  I love you”.  Ella.  How sweet is that – she did it all by herself.  Nobody had to remind her or do it for her.  Ella is a terrific person.  On Saturday, we went to the zoo with the Kim/Arena clan.  All the kids (Except Isaac) had their faces painted.  Saturday afternoon, Ella went to Taekwondo (as a tiger) and then after we just hung around, had dinner, watched the baseball game and then Sunny and I finally watched Bridesmaids which really made us laugh,  Today, we went to Dolores park and had a picnic with Debby, Toby, Phyllis, Michael, Hannah, Naomi, Azana, Sog, Nicole, and then we bumped into Julie and Gilana and then our friends Candace and Courtney.  Ella played hard.  It was a lot of fun.  What a great day…nice and easy.

14.jpg22.jpg32.jpg42.jpg52.jpgWhat a beautiful group of tigers and zebras.

62.jpg Friends forever.

72.jpg Sort of crouching tiger.

81.jpg Ella loves figuring out melodies.

91.jpg Schlepping the picnic basket down the hall.

101.jpg Trying to climb the wall at Dolores Park.

112.jpg121.jpg Climbing up the web.

131.jpg141.jpg Having a blast on the slide.

15.jpg Our little monkey.

16.jpg This is such a cool playground.

17.jpg Amazing view from the top of the slide.

18.jpg Best kid in the world!

20.jpg Ella took this beautiful shot of mommy.  You can see Ella in Sunny’s sunglasses.

19.jpg 211.jpg221.jpgPicnic shots.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Beautiful pictures. Great playground! Happy times! Miss you. Love you. Mom

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