Weekend with Trilby

AJ and Milo left Saturday morning.  We will see them at the end of the week in NY so we won’t have too much time to miss them!  Ella has taken Trilby all over the place this weekend.  These were all planned happenings before we knew that Trilby would be with us but it was fun to bring him along…

1.jpg When the sun came out on Saturday afternoon, Ella took Trilby for a spin around the ballpark.

2.jpg We stopped for a moment to have a seat on Lou Seal.

3.jpg Nothing like a sweet pose with Willie Mays.

4.jpg5.jpg O fcourse, we took Trilby to Taekwondo.  Notice the happy picture and then the serious picture.  Even Trilby looks serious in the second one!

6.jpg My favorite blue wall.

7.jpg8.jpg On Saturday night, mommy and I took Ella to the sing-along Wizard of Oz.  We met up with our friends from Ella’s school, Gracie and Tess.  Ella adores these girls.  Ella sat on Sunny’s lap during the movie and Sunny said that she could feel Ella’s heart pumping so hard during some parts.  Good thing she was on her mommy’s lap.

9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg On Sunday afternoon, Ella went to her friend Hannah’s bowling birthday party.  Ella had a great time.

12.jpg Tonight, we were heading over to a club to watch Ella’s favorite 7th grade band perform and we bumped into Emmi and her family so we went and grabbed some dinner before the show.

13.jpg After the show, Ella, Trilby and Emmi took a picture with Vons de Qua – the 7th grade girl band.  Ella loved this so much!

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  1. Grandma says:

    I feel as if I know Trilby. We must have met in another life. What a busy life you guys have. Can’t wait to see you. Love you. Mom

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