Another full and wonderful day…(actually two wonderful days!)

Today, Ella went to school and Jamie, Milo and I went on an adventure to the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  Milo had so much fun there.  His favorite activity was climbing on and “driving” a ship.  Milo was having so much fun because every time he wanted to drive, the wheel was available.  Then came a sticky situation…a little girl was steering the wheel and Milo was not having it.  He pushed her out of the way and  grabbed the wheel.  She sat up and went back the wheel like nobody’s business.  This went on for about 10 seconds too long and.  They were screaming and crying and needed parental intervention.  AJ got Milo right out of the situation.  He was very  upset and took a while to calm down.  He finally did and let us know that he felt better.  He said that he was sad and that he wanted to be the captain.  We tried it again after lunch and he was very successful.  After the Bay Area Discovery Museum, we picked up Ella from school.  Then off we went to Pier 39 to the aquarium and then both kids went bungee jumping!  Ella went super high and Milo was so brave for his first time.  For the most part, he had a huge smile then every once in a while, he got this look like…”what the hell am I doing” and then it went back to joy.  After our Pier 39 adventure, we came home and Helen and the kids came over for a pizza party.  Milo had a lot of fun with all the kids.  On Friday (today, I was too tired to do the blog last night), Milo and AJ joined me and mommy at Ella’s school for the assembly.  It was so great to have them at Ella’s school.  AJ and Milo got to meet a lot of our friends.  After assembly, mommy went to work and AJ, Milo and I went to a park near Ella’s school and met KJ, Helen and Isaac.  Milo and KJ played really well together and they had a lot of fun.  We went home for a few minutes and then we took Milo for a little ride downtown on Muni.  Milo was saying that he wanted to go on a train – on Muni during this week and today was a great day for it.  We took the train, had some lunch, did a little shopping and then turned around and went home to get the car so we could pick up Ella from school.  We picked up Ella and then headed over to Ella’s baseball practice.  Milo and Ella played in the park for a little while and then Ella went over to practice.  Ella was amazing in baseball.  She got 3 hits, played first base, threw the ball where it needed to go and was just fantastic.  After baseball we had dinner and then we ended the evening over at the Kim/Arena household.  The kids watched Winnie the Pooh.  Milo laughed out loud.  It has been so wonderful having AJ and Milo here.  We are going to miss them so much!  We love you guys.

19.jpg28.jpg A very happy Milo at the wheel of the ship.

38.jpg Getting a quick hug from mommy before going back to the wheel.

48.jpgElla took this shot of Milo on the way to Pier 39.

58.jpg Ella leading the way over the troll bridge.

67.jpg Beauties.

7a.jpg Ella was under the bubble and this amazing octopus swam by.  She wasn’t freaked out at all.

77.jpg Ella and Milo in the tunnel.  I love these two together.

84.jpg Waiting patiently (and beautifully) for a ray to swim by.

93.jpg102.jpg Ella really caught some air!

113.jpg122.jpg Sweet Milo and the bungee.

132.jpg141.jpg151.jpg Love, love, love.

161.jpg AJ meeting Isaac for the first time.

171.jpg181.jpg191.jpg Milo hanging with the 4th Floor gang.

20.jpg231.jpg Milo and KJ had a blast.

211.jpg Milo and I somehow got ourselves stuck in this net.

221.jpg Milo really liked this thing that spun around.

25a.jpg AJ and Milo riding the Muni.

25b.jpgThis weekend, it was Ella’s turn to take hom Trilby, the class stuffed animal.  We’re so happy that Milo was here to take a picture with Trilby.

242.jpg Ella on the monkey bars with Trilby.

251.jpg Milo rockin’ the monkey bars.

261.jpg271.jpg Ella our baseball superstar.

281.jpg Ella and one of her buddies Torin with Trilby.

29.jpg Fourth floor family shot with Trilby.

30.jpg Watching Winnie the Pooh.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Wow! What fantastic pictures! Looks like an incredibly wonderful time was had by all. Love you. Mom

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