An active week already!

I took Ella ice skating on Monday after school.  She did a great job – no holding onto the side.  She went about 10  feet away from the wall and started skating.  She had a blast. Today, Ella had ballet.  She had a lot of fun there too.  After ballet, we met our friends Liz and Eli for dinner at the Burger Joint.  After the Burger Joint, we stopped over to say hi to Isaac and his family.  He is so cute and little.  We are going to spring training on Thursday night and we can’t wait to get out of SF for the weekend.

12.jpg21.jpg Ella is pretty serious on the ice.

31.jpg41.jpg I was fooling around with the fun features on the camera.

51.jpg6.jpg more fun with the camera.

7.jpg I snuck this picture of Eli and Ella at the Burger Joint.

I just tried to upload 2 movies of Ella ice skating but it’s not working and I’m tired.

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  1. Grandma says:

    I know I commented yesterday, but it didn’t show up. Ella’s focus is fabulous. She really throws herself into each activity and takes such pride in what she does! I love it. Great pictures, Laur. Love you. Mom

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