Meeting Isaac

After school/work, we went to the hospital to meet the new man in our lives – Helen and Ron’s new son Isaac.  He is a beautiful, sweet, alert and hungry boy.  He tolerated all of us (including Ella) holding him, and his siblings are so amazing with him.  Thank you Helen and Ron for giving Ella another amazing “sibling”.  After some great time at the hospital, we took the girls to dinner and then they came back to our place for Friday night movie night.  The girls loved watching Ariel’s Beginning – part 1 of the Little Mermaid that went straight to video.

1.jpg Sunny’s first time holding Isaac.

2.jpg3.jpg Ella’s first time holding Isaac.  She did a great job.

4.jpg The fourth floor gang.

5.jpgFriday night movie night…business as usual.

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