Skating, heelys, ballet

Ella has been totally into skating and heelying.  Below are some movie clips that grandma took and then one that I took of Ella on her Heelys and one from ballet today.  We miss you grandma!  We all got used to having you here.  So happy we’ll see you guys in April.  Ella has been doing great – she has a very easy transition back into school after 11 days being off.  Today Ella celebrated 100 days of school.  She was so happy to tell us about all the different things that she did in school to celebrate.  Ella’s favorite was making a necklace of 100 Cheerios.  She made it, wore it and then ate it.  Helen is having her baby today!  We can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the Kim/Arena clan.

115.jpg 25.jpgThe Heely kid!

35.jpg A little taekwondo on a Saturday afternoon.

45.jpg55.jpg65.jpg Sweet Ella at ballet today.  She’s still having a blast in class.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Skating, ballet, heelies! If I hadn’t beenc there to see it, I wouldn’t believe the energy and joy with which Ella throws herself into each activity. Love you and miss you. Mom

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