Adventures with grandma

Ella and grandma have been having a blast this week.  They have taken 2 ice skating lessons, gone to the Academy, out to lunch, taken a few trains and just have loved being with each other.  Grandma has documented the week for me and I am putting them up here.   Hopefully Ella will take a few pictures of grandma tomorrow.  The movie at the end is 2 days of ice skating, a magic trick and penguins being fed.

110.jpg Ella day 2 in the middle of the ice.

23.jpgOur cousins were visiting this week and we got to see them for two dinners.  Here are Ella and Georgia at Scomas.  Ella and Georgia had so much fun together.

33.jpg Beautiful cousins – Bronwen, Georgia and Ella.

43.jpg Checking out the fish at the Academy.

53.jpg Eew…eels!

63.jpg73.jpg83.jpgFor the first time ever, butterflies landed on Ella at the Academy.  Grandma said that Ella was so gentle and patient.

94.jpg Hanging out after lunch.

102.jpg113.jpg Serious and goofy.  Lots of love.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Great fun! Ella is a joy to be with. Love you. Mom

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