Field trip, swimming, jamming, ice skating!

Once again I have fallen behind on the blog.  We all miss Towby so much!  The love and impact that Mr. Towby had on our lives is incredible.  Sunny and I got out of town on Friday and grandma and papa came to town to spend time with Ella.  Ella was so excited to be with them.  They had a fantastic weekend and Sunny and I had as good a weekend as expected.  Towby was in our hearts and on our minds.  We came back on on Sunday and got to spend some great time with papa before he went back on Monday.  Ella is off from school this week.  Grandma is here all week to be with Ella while Sunny and I are at work.  Ella is thrilled and I think grandma is too.  The photos I am putting in are from Ella’s field trip all the way through today when Ella and grandma took an ice skating lesson.  The video is from last Thursday when I took Ella to work with me.  The video is of Ella jamming with 2 of my 7th grade students.  Ella had a blast coming to work with me and the kids loved her.

12.jpg Ella on the morning of her field trip.  Ella was super lucky because mommy went on the field trip with her.

22.jpg32.jpg Ella and her buddies Zach and Sakura.  Mommy drove the three of them up to Muir Woods.

42.jpg Ella and her Muir Woods journal.

52.jpgElla and her class listening to the ranger.

62.jpg Peace and beauty.

72.jpg Ella writing in her journal.

82.jpg Fun in the tree cave.

93.jpg Ella and some of her classmates.

101.jpg112.jpg Writing down observations.

121.jpg Look at these majestic trees!

13.jpgThe Redwoods!

14.jpg Ella’s first swimming lesson in a long time.  Mommy said she was fantastic.

15.jpg Ella was rockin’ the drums at my work.

16.jpg Getting ready to hit the ice.

17.jpg18.jpg19.jpgElla and her ice skating lesson.  Grandma took the lesson too!  They are going back for another lesson tomorrow.  Hopefully Ella will grab the camera and take some shots of grandma.

20.jpg Love.

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  1. Grandma says:

    It’s wonderful being with you guys. Wish Papa could have spent the week. Love you. Mom

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