Friends, Heelys, climbing and Valentines Day

Another weekend has gone by and Ella had tons of fun.  On Friday night, Stella, Juliet and KJ came over for movie night and so Helen and Ron could go to a restaurant and watch the Knicks play.  On Saturday, Ella did a lot of Heelying – she’s getting pretty good, and then we went to south park.  Check out the video below.  Saturday night, Ella got to sleep next door while Sunny and I went to a kindergarten cocktail party.  We all had fun.  On Sunday, we had brunch with some CDS friends and then I went for an MRI.  Results should be in within the next day or two.  Fingers crossed everything is cool.  Debby and Toby came over while Sunny took me to the MRI.  We chilled at home on Sunday night.  Monday was back to work and school.  Ella is still very excited about reader’s workshop and is super excited to go on a field trip tomorrow to Muir Woods.  Sunny is driving and supervising Ella and a few friends.  They are going to have an amazing time.  Grandma and papa are coming on Friday.  This is totally exciting!  We can’t wait.  Sunny and I are supposed to go to Vegas for the weekend but we’re not sure what we’re going to to because Towby the dog is pretty sick.  We’ll see, one day at a time.  We really love the little guy.  I don’t think he’s ready to go, but it’s just so sad.  Tonight we had a valentine’s day ice cream party with the Kim/Arenas.  Always fun.

11.jpg Ella’s self-portrait.

21.jpg31.jpg41.jpg Friday might movie night!


71.jpg81.jpg91.jpg South Park!

10.jpg111.jpg Valentines day at the kim/arenas.

Now for the movie…

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  1. Grandma says:

    Beautiful pictures. The car video made me a little car sick…guess it was successful! Can’t wait to see you; hope you can get away. Would you consider sending Towby to the vet for the weekend? Love you. Mom

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