Fun weekend for Ella

weather was beautiful and Ella had an fun filled weekend.  On Friday night, we had Friday night movie night with the Kim/Arenas.  This is one of Ella’s favorite things to do!  On Saturday, we took Ella to a birthday party at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley.  First the kids made slime and then then all played hard outside.  Ella loved it.  On Sunday, we spent a good part of the day outside.  Ella, Stella and Juliet were on their Heelys and KJ was riding his scooter.  The kids had a great time.  After our outdoor activities, we met Becca for brunch and took Juliet with us.  On Sunday night, my old friend David came over for a visit.  It was great to see him.

118.jpg216.jpg Climbing on the DNA structure outside of the Lawrence Hall of Science.

510.jpg Getting read to make the slime.

85.jpg Helping Rosie make the slime.

75.jpg Having a really fun time.

94.jpg Deep in thought after the party.

102.jpg119.jpg Heading over to “tall mountain”.

123.jpg133.jpg Towby enjoying the great outdoors.

143.jpg 153.jpgPicking flowers.

173.jpg The finished product.

182.jpg193.jpg Fun with Towby.

And now for another slow motion movie from this weekend…

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  1. Grandma says:

    Weather looks ideal for all that fun outside play. Beautiful pics. Love you. Mom

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