Anguilla part 2

So sorry for the space between blogs.  Re-entry was pretty busy!  Ella is back at school doing great, I’m back at work trying to motivate my students and Sunny is back at work… read the SF papers if you want info on what’s going on with the new sheriff.  Sunny continues to do her magic!  OK – so back to Anguilla (I wish we were really back there!), on Christmas day, we were invited to our friend Claudius’ family Christmas celebration.  It was really wonderful and those of us who made it (Michael was back at the house sick and grandma and papa stayed with a napping Milo) we were so grateful that we got to experience the Richardson family Christmas.  Amazing people, amazing food and an amazing bouncy house and kids for Ella to play with!  We literally pulled up to the house, Ella saw the bouncy house and the kids and said,  “A bouncy house, kids, can I unbuckle please?”  She was out of the car and into the bouncy house within 10 seconds.  Here are some shots from that day and then many others of the family and the beach.

112.jpg27.jpg32.jpg Ella made herself right at home!

42.jpg52.jpg Ella, mommy and our beautiful friend Claudius.

62.jpg Claudius’ brother.  You can see the tent and all the people in the background.  Claudius – if you see this, thank you so much for including us with your family.  Sending lots of love.

72.jpg Back at the house, we just delivered some delicious food from the party to grandma, papa and Milo.

82.jpg These two love each other so much.

92.jpg Papa wasn’t relaxed at all!

101.jpg113.jpg122.jpg132.jpg Dinner at Picante.

142.jpg152.jpg162.jpg172.jpg Hanging around the house.

181.jpg What a beautiful shot!  Pure happiness.

192.jpg Dinner at Veya.  Ella and Milo were dancing a little to the live entertainment.

212.jpg Ella was acting goofy so grandma joined in.

201.jpg Checking out the koi pond at Veya.

221.jpg Papa sporting grandma’s stylish reading sunglasses.

231.jpg241.jpgThe beautiful place where we stayed, Villa Gardenia.

252.jpg261.jpg271.jpg281.jpg291.jpg301.jpg312.jpg AJ got a hold of the camera.  This is just a beautiful morning by the pool.

321.jpg I took the camera back!

33.jpg Cannonball!

38.jpg Here are the beach shots.  Our favorite beach this time was the beach at the Great House.  The sand was perfect, the sea was calm, and it wasn’t crowded.  Ella and Milo did some serious digging and looking for shells and we loved swimming in the sea.

39.jpg Papa in paradise.

40.jpgAlmost got the shot right!  We had a lot of fun taking this.

411.jpg Lunch time!

421.jpg Milo making himself very comfortable with his mama.

43.jpg Best friends.

44.jpg Papa teaching Ella how to make music with a glass.

45.jpg Beach snuggles.

46.jpg Mommy and Ella paling around in the ocean.

47.jpg Beautiful grandma and papa.

48.jpg Our beautiful threesome.

49.jpg The most amazing aunt and uncle.

511.jpg The Leonhart’s new album cover?

521.jpg Ella and her AJ.

53.jpg More fun in the ocean with mommy.

55.jpg One of the sand castles that we built.

56.jpg Ella and Jesse played some great Kadima together.

57.jpg Last dip in the sea for 2011.  Look at the amazing clear water.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fantastic blog! Fantastic time! Fantastic memories! Love you. Mom

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