Incredible time in Anguilla (part 1)

The celebration of my dad’s 70th birthday and Jamie’s 40th birthday was amazing.  The week in Anguilla was wonderful on so many levels.  It was so great to be with the whole family for a week. Ella and Milo were in heaven with each other, their grandparents and loved being able to spend so much time with Jesse and Heather.  Dad and mom – thanks for an amazing week!  We love you guys.  I’m now going to post some pics…there are a lot so I’m going to have many posts.

110.jpg Very first night…playing a heated game of Go Fish.

21.jpgElla was in the pool every day.  It wasn’t heated so most of us had to ease our way in, but Ella was in the pool every morning.

31.jpg41.jpg51.jpg61.jpg71.jpgOur first dinner out.  We went to Smokey’s on the beach.  Food was great and we all had a wonderful evening.

81.jpgHere we are in the morning checking something out on the iPad.  I can’t remember the last time we call had breakfast together in our PJ’s!

91.jpg111.jpg121.jpg Our little mermaid.

131.jpg Ella and Milo are in love with their grandma and papa.

141.jpgElla and Heather playing around in the pool.

151.jpg Mommy getting a splinter out of AJ’s foot.

161.jpg Beauty.

171.jpg Sweetness.

191.jpg20.jpg Ella loved reading to Milo.

211.jpg This was the main house where grandma and papa stayed upstairs.  The bottom floor was where we all hung out.  The house that we all stayed in was right next to the main building.

22.jpg23.jpg True love.  Grandma can’t stand bananas and yet she peeled one for Milo!

24.jpg Ella “reading” the Fantastic Flying books of Morris Lessmore.  What an amazing book.

251.jpg One of the friendly Anguilla Lizards who lived in our yard.

26.jpg28.jpg29.jpg30.jpg Ella was not alone in the pool!  We all went in on this beautiful afternoon.

311.jpg I love this shot!  It’s all about love and fun and being in the moment.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Your pictures truly capture the warmth and family feeling of our fantastic week! I loved being with my favorite people. Love you. Mom

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