NYC and the Nutcracker

I have so much to catch up on but instead of trying to do it all at once, I’m going to do a little at a time.  We came back from our winter trip to NY and to Anguilla on Friday night.  We had an incredible time.  We started out in NY and had a very special day with grandma and papa.  We went in early, saw the tree at Rock Center, walked along the beautifully decorated Fifth Ave and then went to an early dinner near Lincoln Center.  After dinner, we went across the street to see the Nutcracker.  The ballet was magical and Ella was mesmerized.  After the ballet, we had a very special backstage tour by one of papa’s patients who is in charge of all of the children in the ballet.  She runs the ballet school for the New York City Ballet.  She was so wonderful and welcoming and Ella experienced the magic of being on the stage at the Nutcracker.  She had a once in a lifetime backstage tour.  I took a lot of pics!  On Tuesday, we went to KK’s to celebrate the first night of Chanukah and to see KK, Jordin, Kevin and Twyla.  It was a really sweet night.  On Wednesday, we left for Anguilla…I will post those pics tomorrow.

1.jpg Beautiful Ella getting ready to go into NY.

2.jpg The 5 of us on the way out the door.

3.jpg4.jpg The Rock Center Tree!

5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg Lincoln Center.

8.jpg The Mouse king’s crown.

9.jpg Sitting on the main stage!

10.jpg The skirt where all the kids come running out of.

11.jpg The sleigh from the end of the show.

12.jpg Ella taking a little rest…it was all so exciting!

13.jpg Holding a wooden rifle.

14.jpg Ella looks like a natural on stage!

15.jpg The walnut boat.

16.jpg Ella and our incredible host.

17.jpg The first night of Chanukah with mommy.

18.jpg Twyla and Jor.

19.jpg Holiday fun with KK!

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  1. merilee says:

    We are looking at the pictures from New York and Anguilla every hour. What a magical 10 days. Thank you for making it wonderful. Love you. Mom

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