We started out our day trying to go to the passport office to renew Ella’s passport.  It was closed.  After we got a bite to eat, we went to SFMOMA.  It was closed.  Then we walked over to the Jewish Museum.  It was closed.  What do you do when everything you try to do is closed?  Go bowling!!!  We had a lot of fun bowling today.  Mommy beat us all!  Papa decided not to bowl, but he did a lot of technique coaching from the seats.  Tonight, Sunny and I went to see Moneyball which we loved and Ella had dinner with grandma and papa.  We all had great nights.

117.jpg Riding the train to the Civic Center to the closed passport officed.

213.jpg Sweet love at Yerba Buena.

36.jpg Check out grandma’s amazing bowling shot.  You look fantastic!

46.jpgElla using papa’s technique…hold it to to the side and fling it.

55.jpg I was very focused.

65.jpg Mommy killed us all!

74.jpg84.jpg Ella was the cutest bowler on the planet.

94.jpg The bowling family.  So much fun.

104.jpg Check it out – Ella scored a spare.

118.jpgThe girls came over and visited Ella and ate lollipops.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Thanks for being kind and not mentioning that I had the gutter rails up for most of my game. Love you, mom

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